Masterworks is a complete auto restoration facility. We do not take shortcuts, nor do we handle quick paint jobs. Every project at our facility is meticulously completed with the greatest attention to detail. The processes and materials that we incorporate into our projects reflect the commitment to quality work that cannot be found in many facilities. Feel free to contact us with your automotive restoration project requests, we would be happy to discuss them with you.

Body Stripping

Complete body disassembly and paint removal. Depending on the type of material we are working with, we employ a number of methods to remove the old finish from the vehicle. Any complete vehicle refinishing process starts with a complete strip, we do not paint over any old material.

Chassis Repair & Restoration

After the body is removed from the frame we begin a comprehensive restoration of the chassis. We can accommodate any degree of repair from a suspension rebuild to frame section replacement.

If you are interested in participating in an NCRS (National Corvette Restoration Society) competition, we can perform a high quality correct restoration for you. Please contact us to further discuss the needs of your Corvette restoration.

Body Panel Replacement

Body panel replacement is done prior to frame separation. If your prized vehicle has corrosion or damaged body panels we can replace or repair the body to factory standards. We do the repairs on the chassis to insure that panel alignment will be identical after the painting process.


The facility houses a state of the art Garmat downdraft paint booth featuring a complete Dupont Chromasystem. We paint all our projects off the frame, this helps to create a greater overall appearance as there is no overspray or sanding debris to clean off the rolling chassis.

Wet Sanding & Polishing

Post paint activities such as wet sanding and buffing are done with the vehicle off the chassis. By following the build methodology that the original automaker used, we achieve a better overall restoration. The original process allows us to keep the mess created by paint work from soiling the freshly restored chassis and drivetrain.

Drivetrain Restoration

The correct restoration of the drivetrain is a critical component to the overall success of the project. Masterworks has the ability to offer period correct drivetrains as well as options to update the various elements to make a vehicle more streetable. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the options we can offer.

Interior Restoration

Once the paint work is complete we begin the process of restoring the interior. All components are installed with a delicate touch and a correct appearance. The materials we use are top flight and truly add to the beauty of the vehicle after it is complete.

Electrical Component Restoration

As part of the interior restoration we offer gauge, clock and radio rebuilding services. While there are a number of parts vendors offering reproduction parts, we strive to restore and reuse the original parts wherever possible.

GM Rochester Fuel Injection Service

One of the services that we offer is Chevrolet Ram Jet fuel injection services. We have the knowledge and talent to properly restore and service these fuel injection units. Please contact us to discuss your fuel injection needs.

General Repair & Maintenance

Our facility offers general mechanical repair for antique and classic cars. Our attention to detail and extensive knowledge base insures you a complete and safe classic auto repair. Don’t trust the repair of your vehicle to just any shop, trust Masterworks to keep your vintage vehicle running right.